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Health & Safety

Largo Resources holds the health and safety of its employees and the community in which it operates in the highest regard. The Maracás Menchen Mine develops initiatives and programs that aim to improve quality of life and help prevent accidents. Largo also hosts campaigns for disease prevention and awareness.

All employees undergo broad health and safety training before they start their activities and undergo periodic medical tests in order to track both their occupational and general health.

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The Maracás Menchen Mine is focused on strengthening local identity and regional socioeconomic development. The Project supports various initiatives related to quality of life, well-being, education, health and cultural appreciation of the communities in which it operates. It also offers professional qualification programs and sustainable projects that allow jobs creation and income for the residents of the city of Maracás.

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Environment & Wildlife Preservation

The Maracás Menchen Mine owns the San Conrado legal reserve, where native species are preserved on over 2 thousand hectares of native forest. Wild animals found in the project area are captured and released onto the reserve. A native plant greenhouse, with the capacity to produce 20 thousand trees is also being cultivated to reforest the surrounding area.

Largo’s environmental sustainability policy seeks to preserve the region's natural resources and monitor the quality of soil, water, air and the protection of Flora and Fauna. In the first years of operation, over 1 million Real (BRL) has been invested in environmental projects in the Jiquiriçá Valley in which it operates.

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