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Largo’s board of directors (the “Board”) believes that Largo should conduct its business and affairs with principles of honesty, integrity and ethics. The Board recognizes the importance of corporate governance to the effective management of Largo.

The Board has adopted relevant policies and has formed committees designed to enhance, and assist in, its role in overseeing the business and affairs of Largo as required under applicable laws and stock exchange rules and policies.

The Board believes its primary role is always to focus on what is in the best interests of Largo. As a result, it promotes and encourages fair and transparent disclosure to its investors and others as well ethical and legal conduct through appropriate and practical systems of corporate governance and internal controls. The Board believes in being informed by management and as a result maintains an open communications channel with members of Largo’s senior management team. The Board also fulfills its role by holding frequent scheduled meetings during which directors are kept informed of Largo’s operations and the activities of management.

The Board will review from time to time existing policies and mandates and recommend such changes as it deems necessary in light of its particular needs and the changing legal and regulatory landscape.

The Board’s committees provide additional oversight and report to the Board from time to time and as required under relevant law.

Policies, Charters, By-Laws and Articles of Amendments